About CASA Ovens

outdoors italian quality grill


As a Family run business Casa Ovens sell the exceptional Alfa Forni domestic and professional  wood-fired pizza ovens. Along with the highest quality Pizza accessories.

With over 45 years experience in the restaurant and catering equipment industry, David and family are more then equipped to advise, support and help guide you through choosing your next Pizza Oven.

We offer garden designs to facilitate the installation of pizza ovens.  We are now able to offer you everything you need from conception to installation for your brand new pizza oven.

outdoors italian quality grill


Make our Alfa Forni Ovens the centre piece of your garden events, bringing your family and friends closer together! 

Made in Italy, these handcrafted original designer ovens are made to the highest quality, providing you with a high-performance, enjoyable cooking experience to your outdoor kitchen. Add explosive flavours to your food with help from the intense heat.

We can supply you with exceptional customer service and top quality pizza ovens and accessories, and are more than happy to continue offering support and advice while you get to know your oven, to help you become the perfect Pizzaiolo.

outdoors italian quality grill


Thanks to continuous innovation process, Alfa Forni ovens deliver the goods. They light up quickly, heat up to 500°C (1000°F) in only ten minutes and can cook a pizza in one minute thus reducing energy consumption and waiting times. To save you more time you can clean them up in just 5 minutes.

How can they do that? Because of Forninox technology that embodies the wood-burning oven seamless evolution by combining the stainless-steel properties with those of firebricks that lead to light and easy-to-move ovens. In addition to that, the Compact Flame technology allows you to use a real high-flame pizza oven even in very small spaces.

Our ALFA Forni Pizza Ovens

Choose Wood or Gas Fired

Our AFLA ovens has an option for everyone, gas or wood fired, even hybrid with the Hybrid Kit available as an extra.

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Authentic Italian Pizzas

All our our ovens are made in Italy and therefore you can cook yourself authentic Italian pizza, the Italian way.

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Ceramic Fiber Insulation

The ceramic fibre insulation isolates the oven and makes possible the keeping of the heat inside the cooking chamber.

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Pyrometer Always Included

To all the Alfa Pizza ovens there is a Pyrometer, which indicates the temperature in the combustion chamber, allowing in a simple and direct control.

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Quick Heating & Cooking Time

With most of our ovens ready to go within 15-30 mins and only a 90 second cooking time, then just enjoy your pizza.

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Easy Assembly, Ready to Use.

Our Ciao arrives home ready to be used. Just put in the flue and assemble the legs and wheels with a few screws. Easy!

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8 Reasons to Buy Alfa Pizza Ovens

Bring friends and family together with amazing great tasting authentic food with your new Pizza oven from CASA Ovens.

made in italy

Original patented hand made Italian design.

cooked bake pizza

The use of our inhouse 3 cm refractory bricks.

stone baked pizza oven

Double layer of insulation, to retain the heat.

alfa pizza

Super strong stainless steel structure under the floor.

grilling pizza

Double layer powder coating is heat and weather resistant.

flame grilled

Multi-functional cooking system. Also perfect for bread, meat, fish.


Our innovative and traditional pizza oven accessories.


The exceptional level of safety associated to our ovens.

Choose Your Pizza Oven

  • Moderno Portable Pizza Oven £595.00

  • Moderno 1 Pizze Wood Fired Pizza Oven £1,250.00

  • Moderno 2 Pizze Alfa Pizza Oven £2,550.00

  • Moderno 3 Pizze Alfa Pizza Oven £2,850.00

  • Moderno 5 Pizze Allegro (Free Hybrid Kit) £4,950.00

  • Classico 5 Minuti Wood Fired Pizza Oven £1,460.00

  • Classico 2 Pizze Pizza Oven £2,650.00

  • Futuro 2 Pizze Alfa Forni Pizza Oven £3,950.00

  • Futuro 4 Pizze Alfa Forni Pizza Oven £4,950.00

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Effeuno P134HA 509 Pizza Oven & Free Stone, Tray & Peel £967.00

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Effeuno P134H 509 Pizza Oven & Free Stone, Tray & Peel £898.00

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Alfa Forni Brio Gas Pizza Oven £1,640.00