Effeuno P134HA 509 Pizza Oven & Free Stone, Tray & Peel

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    Biscotto Stone, Peel and Dough Tray (worth £99)

    • Mechanical Control Electric Pizza Oven
    • Cooks 1x 34cm pizza at a time.
    • Can cook a pizza in 70 seconds!
    • Italian Biscotto Clay Stone Included
    • Stainless Steel Chamber & Exterior
    • Baking chamber with internal light
    • Thermostats 2x 500°C
    • Free Mainland UK Delivery

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    The Best Oven, Now Even Bigger & Better!

    The new, improved version of the iconic P134HA 509 pizza oven introduces numerous functional and aesthetic changes. The new shape of the heaters, ensuring more even baking, a flat bulb cover that makes it easier to handle the pizza, and an even higher maximum temperature make pizza baking even more satisfying. The external appearance of the stove has also been changed, thanks to which the device will fit even better into modern interiors. The HA version, thanks to the increased dimensions of the baking chamber, allows you to bake taller dishes and fully replace your home oven.

    The set includes a biscotto stone, the best stone to bake Neapolitan pizza.

    Effeuno P134HA 509 oven with the maximum temperature increased to 509 ° C. Thanks to the large reserve of power, it allows for undisturbed baking of many pizzas in a row and minimizes the possibility of switching off the heaters during baking.

    A Professional Oven in your Kitchen

    Effeuno is an Italian manufacturer that has been offering professional, top-quality ovens for gastronomy since 2007. The Easy Pizza line and the P134HA 509 model belonging to it; is a compact version of the oven with the parameters and capabilities of professional devices used in the best Italian pizzerias. High efficiency, reduced dimensions and lower energy consumption: these are the main features of the P134HA 509, the professional pizza oven that fits in your kitchen!

    This is the best electric pizza oven on the market powered by a standard home socket.

    In addition, it will be perfect as a home oven, in which you can also prepare delicious bread, cake and even bake chicken.

    The P134HA 509 pizza oven allows you to prepare a Neapolitan pizza in as little as 70 seconds, on a certified Biscotto volcanic clay plate. In addition, the inner chamber is illuminated by a halogen lamp with a flat frame. The oven has two independent thermostats, thanks to which you will be able to control the temperature of the lower and upper heater separately to facilitate the pizza baking process.

    The oven is 100% manufactured in Italy.

    Effeuno P134HA is made of the highest quality stainless steel, it was used to make the baking chamber, cabinet, and knobs. The outer and inner pane of the front door is made of tempered glass, while the inside is made of ceramic glass with low thermal conductivity. All components used are made of the highest quality materials, capable of operating at very high temperatures. In addition, the outer casing maintains a low temperature during baking by forced ventilation and is equipped with a special seal to soft stop the door.

    Electric Pizza Oven Key Features:

    • Mechanical Control Electric Pizza Oven
    • Italian Biscotto Clay Stone Included
    • Stainless Steel Chamber & Exterior
    • Baking chamber with internal light
    • External dimensions: 54 X 59 X 35 cm
    • Inner dimensions: 35 X 40 X 18 cm
    • Electric Power Supply: Volt 230/50-60 Hz
    • Net Weight: 25 Kg
    • Power: 3.2 kW
    • Temperature Max: 509° C / 948.2F
    • Thermostats: 2x 509° C / 2x 948.2F
    • Cooks 1 13″ /34cm at a time
    • Cooks pizzas in 70 seconds
    • Biscotto Clay Stone Size: 40cm x 34.5cm 3.1cm Weight: 6.5Kg / 14.33LB

    About the Biscotto Clay Stone:

    Instructions for First Use:

    The stone has a top side and a bottom side. The top side has the smoothest surface, while the bottom side can be somewhat rough.
    Burn-In takes place by placing the stone in the oven and baking at half power for 60 minutes. Then let the stone cool slowly down to room temperature before you give it a second Burn-In, but now at full power, for 60 minutes. After this, the Biscotto stone is burnt-in and ready for use. Note: Burn-In may create smoke inside the oven, this is quite normal, simply open the oven door to release the smoke.

    Cleaning & Maintenance:

    Do not use soap and water. To clean simply brush the Hot Stone with a Brass Pizza Wire Brush. Avoid steel wire brush as it is too hard against the stone. Fine dust can be removed with a slightly damp cloth when the stone is cold.

    Biscotto stone is not a perfectly carved stone
    Due to the fragile nature of the stone, we do not offer any guarantee on the stones. This is standard industry practice. If your stove comes with a broken or cracked stone, you must contact us immediately.

    Every Biscotto stone is individual and handmade and so you can expect to see creases, wrinkles, hay, sand, and many other imperfections in the claystone. This is the industry norm. The manufacturer will not exchange or replace stones that have minor damage it occurs naturally during manufacture. Because these stones are handmade, air-dried, and then oven-dried, it quite often results in imperfections and splits & creases along the edges. Such minor damage does not change the performance of the stone or the oven and is therefore not considered a defect.

    Additional information

    Weight28 kg
    Dimensions59 × 54 × 35 cm
    Internal Dimension

    35cm x 40cm x 11cm

    External Dimensions

    54cm x 59cm x 27cm


    1 Deck

    Power Supply

    230 Volts / 50-60Hz


    Max 2100W / Min 900W


    2x 500 Celsius

    Max Temperature

    509 Celsius

    Pizza Dimension

    34cm Diameter

    Number of Pizzas



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    1. 5.00 out of 5

      Joe Bell

      I really like the extra space you get with the HA model. Better for baking bread.

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