Famag Spiral Dough Mixer – IM5-230


    • Dough capacity: 5 Kg
    • Flour: 3 kg
    • Water: 2 L
    • Dough quantity per hour: 18 kg/h
    • Minimum dough guaranteed: 0.3 kg
    • Motor power: 0,5 hp

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    IM 5 - Grilletta
    Body material:
    Enamelled steel
    Typology :
    Medium doughs:
    Hard doughs:
    Mixing head type:
    Dough Capacity:
    5 Kg
    hydration max:
    65 %
    Speed levels:
    Tank capacity:
    7 L
    Bowl diameter:
    24 cm
    Bowl height:
    19 cm
    Operating mode:
    Single-phase 230 V
    Flour quantity:
    3 Kg
    Water quantity:
    2 L
    Hourly output:
    18 kg/h
    Minimum dough:
    0.3 Kg
    Spiral - rpm (min):
    80 rpm
    Spiral - rpm (max):
    80 rpm
    Bowl - rpm (min):
    10 rpm
    Bowl - rpm (max):
    10 rpm
    Offset breaker bar:
    3 years
    Dough mixing time:
    Manufacturing country:

    The Grilletta Color dough mixer is one of the smallest benchtop machines you can find out there.

    Despite its size, it is very powerful and effective and has low consumption and noise levels. Perfect for several different types of dough, especially soft ones, for bread, pizza, cakes, flat bread (piada) and so on.

    This model is perfect for home kitchen work, but it is also suitable for small business productions.

    This mixer is provided with specifically curved-shaped New central shaft, which also allows processing smaller quantities of dough (improving the results in terms of kneading processing).

    The frame on this spiral mixer is made of high-thickness stainless steel to cancel vibration during operation. The chain drive system is highly resistant and durable.

    This new professional Famag Grilletta Color dough kneader features a stainless steel central dough-anchoring pin.

    All the components that touch the dough are made of stainless steel:

    • the bowl
    • the spiral mixing arm
    • the protection grid
    • the central pin

    Stainless steel grid that can be lifted.

    The special spiral arm shape allows speeding up the work and prevents the dough from overheating.

    Epoxy food safe powder painting.

    Additional information

    Weight28 kg
    Dimensions54 × 30 × 48 cm
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    IM5-230, IM5-230-10V, IM5-S-10V, IM8-S-10V, IM10-S-10V

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